How can I buy my doll ?

For our valued customers, we provide 2 methods of payment :

  • By bank card (payment card, credit cart, VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Discovery) via the number one online payment solution system PayPal. If you choose to pay by card, once the checkout is completed you will be redirected to the PayPal website from where you will be prompted for your card information. More information about PayPal here. NO WORRIES, neither the product name or the website name will appear in your bank notebook, only our company name which is a neutral business name.
  • By bank transfer. In that case, when the checkout is completed, we will show you our bank account detail. You will have to give these details to your bank so they can arrange the remittance for you. Our account name is our registered company name, which is NOT the name of our website. Do not worry, it is impossible for the bank to know the nature of the product or the nature of our business.

How about discretion ?

We ensure our valuable customer a 100% discreet process. No product name or website name in your card notebook for the payment, and a blank and opaque parcel for the delivery. There is absolutely no way for the bank, for the delivery man or for your neighbor to know you have bought a sex doll.

Delivery time ?

The delivery time of our dolls is between 5 and 10 working days.

We manually process all orders to verify that everything is in conformity with your request.

All our dolls are made on demand. The manufacturing process include many steps and involves many skills so the complete process require between 4 and 7 days (molding, cooling, drying, makeup …).

As soon as your doll doll is ready to be shipped, we will send you by email a tracking number so you can monitor delivery online. We only ship our dolls via international well-known and reliable shippers like FEDEX, DHL or UPS.

The shipping itself will take about 5 working days, from our workshop to your door.

During order, you can let us know which date and time you want the doll to be delivered so can be at home. Thanks to your tracking number, you can also ask the shipper to keep the parcel in their facility, and not deliver it at your home, so you can pick it up anytime.

Where can you ship ?

Here are a list of countries to where we ship without any issues :

United Kingdom
France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland (all the European countries actually)
New Zealand

Here are a list of area or countries which forbid sex dolls, so we can’t ship there 🙁

Saudi Arabia

How about the maintenance of my doll ?

Please store your doll in the lay down position, with arms and legs straight, in a not too humid place, at room temperature. KEEP THE DOLL NAKED, when you don’t need it, as the color of the clothes may fade on the skin.

What kind of clothe can I use to dress my doll ?

Free your fantasy by dressing your doll the way you want. There is no “dedicated clothe” for sex doll, any regular woman clothes can be used but we strongly recommend you to not use too tight clothes (like jeans) as the color can fade on the skin. If it happens, no worries, contact us and we will show you how to easily remove the stain.

Can I make up her ?

Feel free to make up your sex doll the way you want, with regular makeup products, but we suggest you to only use alcohol-free products.