Inflatable Sex Dolls & semi solid silicone love doll

Inflatable sex dolls were one of the very first sex dolls in the industry, but did you know that they have changed a lot in recent years? Yes, that’s right, our inflatable sex dolls aren’t like those open mouthed Annie blow up dolls you see at bachelor parties. Nope, our inflatable sex dolls are so much more than that.

For one thing, each of our inflatable sex dolls is actually a semi-solid love doll. That means that while part of the doll’s body is inflated with air, there are other parts that are made of silicone.

And we think you can guess which parts, right?

Are Inflatable Sex Dolls Worth Looking at?

It’s a good question, but trust us, there’s so much to love about our inflatable sex dolls.

Aside from the obvious cost factor (they’re a lot cheaper than our TPE sex dolls) there are quite a few benefits to having an inflatable sex doll in your life.

They’re easy to move – As you can imagine these love dolls are incredibly light and easy to maneuver.

They’re easy to hide – Keep prying eyes away from your new bedroom partner.

They’re the perfect travel buddy – Going on a long journey alone? Take your inflatable sex doll with you.

They feel great – With silicone breasts, vaginal and anal opening, these dolls feel really good.

So as you can see, the idea that inflatable sex dolls are poor quality isn’t the case any more. These days, they’re almost as good as the real thing.
They’re cheap, they look good, and most importantly, they feel great – what more can you ask for?

Only the Very Best in Quality

Finding a good manufacturer of inflatable love dolls was no easy task as there are many poorly made dolls out there. Thankfully our contacts in the industry helped us out and we were able to visit and partner with one of the best inflatable love doll manufacturers in the world.

With strict guidelines on quality, we can guarantee that only the very best love dolls leave the factory. We understand that this may be your first time purchasing a doll like this and so we want your first time to be a great experience. After all, this is the stuff dreams are made of, right?

Each or our inflatable sex dolls comes with a pair of silicone breasts that you can place within the outer pillow casing. There’s also an extremely realistic ass and vagina that also fits inside the case. The HD-quality cover features a stunning model which has both full frontal and rear views for when you want to change position.

Of course, this is no TPE love doll, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s as close as you’ll get to the real thing without having to invest too much in your first purchase.

For the man looking for a love doll on a smaller budget, this is the perfect solution.

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Inflatable Fuck Doll

Fuck our inflatable fuck doll in every sexual position you can imagine. This doll is semi solid, inflatable body with silicone vagina and silicone breast.

Inflatable Love Doll

Buy your inflatable love doll at Sex Doll In Love ! All our inflatable dolls come with silicone vagina and silicone breast. Discreet delivery.

Inflatable Male Fuck Doll

Wanna fuck a male inflatable doll ? His body is inflatable but his penis is in silicone. Free shipping and worldwide delivery.

Inflatable Male Sex Doll

Wanna male love with an inflatable male sex doll ? "yes, it exists ! Inflatable body with a penis in silicone.

Inflatable Sex Doll Anime Manga

You love anime and manga girl from japan ? Buy your anime inflatable sex doll at Sex Doll In Love ! Free shipping, discreet delivery.

Inflatable Sex Doll With Silicone Vagina And Silicone Breast

Our inflatable doll is not 100% inflatable, but semi solid. Body is inflatable but vagina and breasts are made of silicone.

Semi solid inflatable sex doll

Semi solid inflatable sex doll is a love doll with an inflatable body but breasts and vagina made of silicone. Free shipping.