Japanese Sex Dolls – Asian Fever Sets In

Japanese sex dolls are taking over the world! Sounds like a great movie, right? Seriously though, it seems that love dolls fans the world over are fast becoming addicted to Japanese sex dolls and if we’re perfectly honest, we totally get it.

Perhaps it’s the fantasy of the Japanese schoolgirl uniform or maybe it’s the manga or anime characters we see on film and in comics all the time. Whatever, the reasons, people are now obsessed with all things Japanese, especially when it comes to love dolls.

Whether you like slim love dolls with pert breasts or you prefer the pornstar look with soft white skin and huge breasts – we’ve got the perfect Japanese love doll for you.

So take a look at our extensive range and if you can’t find anything that suits your tastes, just let us know and we’ll try our best to help you out. Remember though, that all of our Japanese love dolls are customizable so you should be able to create your perfect Japanese dream girl easily enough.

Why Japanese Love Dolls?

Japan has a reputation for creating some of the most innovative technology the world has ever seen. They also have a thing for porn and their adult entertainment industry is one of the most extensive and exotic in the world. Add to that the fact that Japanese women are incredibly sexy and you have a recipe for the world’s biggest sex doll industry.

The Japanese know how to make the most amazing love dolls and that’s why our love dolls come from the minds of the most creative Japanese artists and designers. Although our love dolls are not manufactured in Japan, they still have that Japanese connection.

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Japanese Real Sex Doll Judy 158cm E-Cup

Judy is one of the most popular Japanese real sex doll and it’s easy to see why. Her sweet and innocent look combined with the most amazing breasts makes it impossible to say no to this gorgeous doll. At 158cm, Judy stands a little taller than some of our other Japanese real sex dolls, but as you may have guessed, it’s not her height that get this doll all the attention. With massive E-Cup breasts, Judy has that real porn-star look that you just cannot resist. But it’s not just the size of her breasts that’s so amazing. They are also the perfect weight and when squeezed, they feel just like the real thing. Even her pert nipples are just right. Made from TPE, this Japanese realistic sex doll is ultra realistic in every way imaginable. From her come-to-bed eyes to her soft, open mouth, Judy is every inch the perfect doll. Her trim waistline makes her easy to move from the sofa to the bedroom or even the bathtub if that’s what you’re into. With an articulated steel frame skeleton, you can position Judy in any way you desire and she’ll stay in that position. Cowgirl, doggy-style, and even 69, this sexy doll will gladly cater to your every need. And with strong arms and legs, she’ll grip you if needed and won’t let go. Judy’s vaginal depth is 17cm meaning that she can easily take you inside her and satisfy your needs. If you like anal sex, then you’ll be glad to know that her anal depth is also 17cm and yes, she likes it both ways. But what about oral sex, you ask? Well, she can handle that too, with an oral depth of 13cm and the softest mouth and tongue you’ll ever feel. If big breasts are your thing, then without a doubt, this is the doll for you.

Japanese Sex Doll Chisaki

Chisaki is a super petite Japanese sex doll with a body to die for. With the softest skin and the most beautiful face, she has everything a woman needs to drive hot-blooded men wild. Standing at just 140cm, Chisaki is petite, even by Asian standards. But don’t let her small frame fool you; this Japanese sex doll is all woman. Her D-Cup breasts and slim waistline give this young asian doll the perfect hourglass figure. Her breasts are just the right weight and are soft and supple to the touch while her nipples are always firm and ready for play. Chisaki’s small frame is surprisingly strong. With an articulated steel frame skeleton, she’s an athletic bedroom partner that is happy to try any position you can think of. In fact, the naughtier the better. And with firm arms and legs, Chisaki has the power to grip you when sitting astride you or to stay in position when trying out doggy-style. Made from TPE, this perfect Japanese sex doll is so very realistic. Feel her skin, squeeze her breasts, or take hold of her waist, and you’ll wonder if she might just be the real thing. With a vaginal depth of 17cm and an anal depth to match, this Japanese sex doll will take every inch you give her and love every minute of it. Not only that, but with an oral depth of 13cm, she’ll easily take you in her soft mouth. All of these features combined with the fact that you can customize Chisaki to your tastes makes her one of the most popular Japanese sex dolls on the market. If you’re after the perfectly petite Japanese sex doll, then you won’t find many better than Chisaki.

Japanese Sex Doll Fujiko

Buy your Japanese Sex Doll from a reliable online real love dolls shop ! Fujiko is one of our best selling sex doll from Japan. Fujiko is an incredibly realistic Japanese sex doll with the softest skin. Her snow-shite complexion and wide eyes give her a look of innocence that is hard to resist. At 168cm in height, her slim body with long legs and small waist is that of a typical Asian model, but it’s her breasts that make her one of a kind. Although ‘only’ a C-cup, Fujiko’s trim waist accentuates her breast size giving that perfect figure we come to expect of many Japanese sex dolls. With a metal frame skeleton, this love doll will adapt to practically any naughty bedroom scenario you can imagine. From doggy-style to reverse cowgirl, no matter what position you like, Fujiko is willing to give it a try. Her inner thighs, legs, and arms are perfectly crafted allowing you to position her to grip you in all the right places. Made from TPE, this Japanese sex doll has realistic features that not only look just like the real thing, but feel like it too. Her soft and pliable breasts are just the right weight while her nipples are perfectly placed and firm to the touch. Fujiko’s mouth opens to a depth of 13cm, but don’t worry she doesn’t bite. With a soft inner mouth, she’s the ideal partner for oral sex. And when it comes to sex, this Japanese sex doll can take it both ways. With a vaginal depth of 17cm, you can lose yourself inside this sexy asian doll. But like we said, she likes it both ways and with a matching anal depth of 17cm, she’ll take you deep inside her and love every minute of it. If you’re looking for a Japanese sex doll with long legs and the most amazing figure, then look no further; she’s right here.

Japanese Sex Doll Miranda

$1,090.00 $990.00
Real love doll for fuck, discover our new japanese sex dol Miranda. Articulated skeleton, realistic smooth skin.

Small Sex Doll Harumi

Discover our new small sex doll. Easy to hide, easy to carry, with all it needs : vagina, anal and oral sexual orifices. Sometimes the best things come in small packages and at 148cm, this stunning small sex doll, certainly fits that description. Harumi is a small sex doll that is one of our most popular thanks to her petite frame. But despite her height, Harumi is all woman. With a juicy round ass and a tiny waist, she can drive any hot-blooded man wild. And with those incredible D-Cup breasts with pert and firm nipples, she’s the complete package. Her articulated steel frame skeleton makes this small sex doll very easy to maneuver into whatever position you like. From 69 to doggy-style, Harumi likes it any way that you do. And even though she’s small, she has surprisingly strong limbs that can easily grip you through your lovemaking sessions. Made from TPE, this small sex doll also has the softest skin imaginable. Her arms, her ass, her breasts, her lips, and even her vagina are all as soft as the real thing. And with a vaginal and anal depth of 17cm, that softness can be felt deep inside Harumi. Harumi’s lips are so kissable that you could easily spend hours playing with her mouth. With an oral depth of 13cm, you know we’re not just talking about kissing. Yes, she loves oral and is always eager to please. Fully customizable and just the right size and weight, you can bring this perfect woman into your bed and keep her there every single night. Such a petite small sex doll in such perfect proportions is hard to come by but thankfully, you’ve just found Harumi. So come on, what are you waiting for?