The time of inflatable sex dolls is over !

The stereotype of the inflatable doll remains strong in the US and yet the Sex Dolls have made their revolution in realism!

In fact the inflatable dolls remain in all departments of sex shops, their price is very attractive, the packaging is small and discreet, we put the box in a bag we go home.

Speaking about appearance and realism, everyone has in mind this frozen face with mouth wide open screaming, almost scary …

Speaking about sensations, we can not say that it is great, although the inflatable dolls have undergone some improvements with solid breast and solid vagina. That kind of dolls are called “semi inflatable” or “semi solid” but they are still not exciting at all.

The miracle of the doll in Silicone and TPE

The new generation of sex dolls is incredibly realistic, in an aesthetic way, but also in the sexual way.

There is nothing to compare between an ugly inflatable love doll and an ultra realistic sex doll, just look at our dolls’s pictures !

With a fully articulated metal skeleton, an ultra-soft skin texture, orifices with improved texture to multiply sensations, the gap in terms of realism is just stunning!

And the evolution is not about to stop, because in many laboratories of research and development around the world of new technologies robotic and even of artificial intelligence point the tip of their nose.

Who knows, maybe in a few years the Sex Dolls will be able to move alone, perform many tasks and bring a realism almost “disturbing”, a real world of science fiction that will be full of surprises and challenges for humanity.

The time of inflatable dolls is definitely over !